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Retail Revival

The Retail Revolution And The Road to Remarkable

There are many articles and experts that are predicting the end of brick-and-mortar stores. Is it possible to reverse this downward slide? Will implementing disruptive technologies alone save the traditional retailers? Are online retailers really invincible? Doug Stephens will join me to examine the future of the retail industry. He'll provide a thought-provoking perspective about the root … [Read More...]

Trend Watch

Alone. Together. No More.

Facebook now has over 1 billion monthly active users. The company that started in a dorm room, has … [Read More...]

Product Innovation Lessons from Google Glass Controversies

 Adoption of new technology is something that most startup entrepreneurs don't take for granted, but … [Read More...]

2014 Predictions (Part 2): The Tesla Factor – It’s Biggler Than You Think

The Tesla Factor will not only disrupt the energy sector and make auto industry rethink their … [Read More...]

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A Path to Innovation

How do you know if your company is innovative enough, before you start losing market share? What are companies today doing to stay competitive? We’ll hear from a world-renowned innovation expert, Doug Solomon, who was the senior vice president for corporate development and strategic planning at Apple, and Chief Technology Officer of IDEO. We’ll get a glimpse of Apple’s creative process and collaboration lessons from IDEO.