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Can Hybrid Food-delivery Models Drive Growth and Reinvent Logistics?

The growing need for on-demand services has spurred new business models and intense competition, especially in the food and grocery delivery category. It's estimated that the market for take-out food is approximately $70 billion. Last month, GrubHub reported 50% increase in its fourth-quarter revenues. In addition to Google, Amazon, Yelp and Uber, many startups are also developing hybrid business … [Read More...]

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Alone. Together. No More.

Facebook now has over 1 billion monthly active users. The company that started in a dorm room, has … [Read More...]

Product Innovation Lessons from Google Glass Controversies

 Adoption of new technology is something that most startup entrepreneurs don't take for granted, but … [Read More...]

2014 Predictions (Part 2): The Tesla Factor – It’s Biggler Than You Think

The Tesla Factor will not only disrupt the energy sector and make auto industry rethink their … [Read More...]

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A Path to Innovation

How do you know if your company is innovative enough, before you start losing market share? What are companies today doing to stay competitive? We’ll hear from a world-renowned innovation expert, Doug Solomon, who was the senior vice president for corporate development and strategic planning at Apple, and Chief Technology Officer of IDEO. We’ll get a glimpse of Apple’s creative process and collaboration lessons from IDEO.